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Monthly Archives: November 1998

A Vote for the Future

A hearty thanks to IAEI members. The proposed change in the IAEI Articles of Association that included an increase in membership dues received a...

Service & Main Bonding Jumpers

Definitions Bonding (Bonded): "The permanent joining of metallic parts to form an electrically conductive path that will ensure electrical continuity and the capacity to conduct...

Training Facilities Taking Shape

Contributions for completing the permanent training facility at the International Office have doubled since the last issue of IAEI News, covering more than a third of the expected costs.

Safety Signs, Labels and Tags

The National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®) occasionally references other standards. For example, ANSI Z535.1-1991 through ANSI Z535.5-1991 inclusive are referenced many times within the NESC.

Grounding & Bonding

The Canadian Electrical Code has a long and precise definition for grounding as: "a permanent and continuous conducting path to the earth with sufficient ampacity to carry any fault current liable to be imposed upon it, and of sufficiently low impedance to limit the voltage rise above ground and to facilitate the operation of the protective devices in the circuit." When we talk about grounding, we are usually thinking about electrical systems.
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