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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Receptacles with USB Chargers

Unless you live in a time warp and have not bought a single electronic device in the last decade, you know that we are...

Warning – Potential Shock Hazard: Electrical Currents May be Present in the Water

In doing research for the development of IAEI’s Analysis of Changes, 2017 NEC textbook, I found that one of the most interesting changes is...

Is it a Conductor or a Cable?

On this article we will discuss upcoming changes regarding definitions of conductors and cables for the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code Part I (CE Code)....

Journey to the Future of 260-year-old Lighting Rod: Where lighting protection technology is going

In most countries around the world, we see that the banknote of the highest denomination bears the face of the most respected figure in the country’s history. In the United States of America, that person is Benjamin Franklin whose face dons the famous $100 bill. This article focuses on the Franklin lightning rod, arguably one of Benjamin Franklin’s greatest achievements, through the scientific and engineering perspective in search of the future of lightning protection technology in the rapidly changing world.
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