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Thank you for your interest in the IAEI News, the official magazine of IAEI.

Directed predominately to electrical inspectors, industry professionals, installers, utilities, manufacturers, testing laboratories, the electrical contracting industry, and many educational institutions, IAEI News seeks to provide practical and useful information in each issue. The magazine is published six times per years and combines short columns with longer feature articles. In addition, IAEI Magazine offers online industry news and blogs upon request.

We welcome contributions to IAEI News. Please read the editorial calendar regarding ideas for future issues.

Editorial Calendar

We invite you to submit articles on any topics related to the electrical industry that are informational, instructional, and non-commercial. Please note that we do not allow any articles that endorse any particular product or organization.

Download Editorial Calendar

Author’s Guidelines

Authors should cover either new developments in the electrical industry or in-depth technically oriented subjects. NEC Code updates and articles about code calculations are often the most read type of articles. Major features should have broad appeal and focus on practical matters; purely theoretical material is not solicited. Authors are not required to be association members.

IAEI Magazine predominantly publishes original manuscripts, but finished and previous published manuscripts also will be considered. Advertising and public relations agency submissions are considered only if the submissions are objective, non-commercial, balanced and cite examples from US as well as non-US countries.

Study the author’s guidelines and take note of important information such as general guidelines regarding unsolicited manuscripts, style, deadlines, and various copyright notices. The best way to inquire about potential interest in a topic is to send a letter with a two-page proposal and a full-sentence outline.

Download Author’s guidelines

Closing Dates

Closing Date: October 7
Materials Due: October 17
To Printer: December 6

Closing Date: December 7
Materials Due: December 17
To Printer: February 6

Closing Date: February 7
Materials Due: February 17
To Printer: April 6

Closing Date: April 7
Materials Due: April 17
To Printer: June 6

Closing Date: June 7
Materials Due: June 17
To Printer August 6

Closing Date: August 7
Materials Due: August 17
To Printer October 6

IAEI Magazine Submission Requirements

The following guidelines must be followed when formatting a document for submission to the IAEI Magazine:

  • Electronic submission is required; in Microsoft Word is preferable.
  • These documents parameters must be followed:
    • Double-space lines.
    • Do not use automation headers/footers.
    • Turn off track changes and ensure all changes have been accepted/rejected, as appropriate.
    • Remove any and all comments, unless they are specifically directed to the editor
    • Select standard printer specs.
    • Avoid special characters or keys. (For example, for indents use the TAB rather than the indent key.)
  • Article length should be from four to ten pages, double-spaced (standard Word document in 12 pt Times New Roman). Articles will be edited for length and appropriateness of content for IAEI readers.
  • Use endnotes at the end of the article, rather than footnotes, to credit sources. Include all relevant source information (e.g., author, publisher, title of book or article, magazine name, date/year of publication, country of publication).
  • Include a reference section for any and all general references. Include all relevant source information (e.g., author, publisher, title of book or article, magazine name, date/year of publication, country of publication).
  • Include a brief biography including current position, background, professional affiliations, and books or articles published. Avoid including educational information.
  • Submit material in English, the author’s preferred language or both. Please discuss this with us prior to submission.

IAEI Magazine Blog

Interested in having an ongoing blog on the iaeimagazine.org web site? Following the same guidelines above with regards to subject matters, blog posts can be up to 1,000 words (average 700 words). Submit a proposal along with a sample blog to Laura Hildreth for review. All blogs and articles must be non-commercial and related to the electrical industry; electrical code blogs are preferred.

Review Process

Manuscripts submitted to IAEI Magazine are acknowledged by the staff upon receipt. Manuscripts are subject to review by two or more members of the IAEI technical review team. Any changes suggested by the team will be submitted back to the author for questions.

Published authors receive three copies of the issue. Additional copies may be received upon request. There is no honorarium for IAEI Magazine authors.

Manuscripts for publication in IAEI Magazine are edited for grammar and according to The Chicago Manual of Style and Usage and the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (www.webster.com). Significant content revisions are returned to the author to be made.

Send Your Article

Please e-mail manuscripts as Microsoft Word attachments, and illustrations as a jpg, tif or gif attachment.

Email Laura Hildreth