Directed predominately to electrical inspectors, industry professionals, installers, utilities, manufacturers, testing laboratories, the electrical contracting industry, and many educational institutions, IAEI News seeks to provide practical and useful information in each issue. We welcome contributions to IAEI News. Please read the editorial calendar regarding ideas for future issues.

If you would like us to consider an article for publication, please note the following points:

1. Please check whether your article subscribes to one of the topics listed in the editorial calendar. Please note that we do not allow any articles that endorse any particular product or organization.

2. Study the author’s guidelines and take note of important information such as general guidelines regarding unsolicited manuscripts, style, deadlines, and various copyright notices.

3. The best way to inquire about IAEI News” potential interest in a topic is to send a letter with a two-page proposal and a full-sentence outline. You should also write a draft of the first few paragraphs of the article, which contains the central message of the piece. Please review the author’s guidelines  for further details.

4. All contributions are to be submitted directly to the Managing Editor in a commonly used text format.

 Author’s guidelines

Editorial Calendar

Closing Dates

Closing Date: October 7
Materials Due: October 17
To Printer: December 6

Closing Date: December 7
Materials Due: December 17
To Printer: February 6

Closing Date: February 7
Materials Due: February 17
To Printer: April 6

Closing Date: April 7
Materials Due: April 17
To Printer: June 6

Closing Date: June 7
Materials Due: June 17
To Printer August 6

Closing Date: August 7
Materials Due: August 17
To Printer October 6

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