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Voltage Drop Formulas

Voltage drop is only mentioned in some sections of the NEC as informational notes, and is required to be calculated in other sections of...

Box Fill Calculations

One of the most frequently encountered Code violations, in my experience, would have to be those concerning box fill requirements. More conductors, devices, fittings,...

Code Hunter – Calculations

To play this game, you need a sharp eye, a quick mind and a 2014 National Electrical Code book. (Fill-in-the-blank questions are looking for the exact word(s) used in the NEC.)

Residential Load Calculations

Residential load calculations first appeared in the Canadian Electrical Code Part I (CE Code) in the second edition dated 1930. In the 1930 edition, the...

Residential Service Calculations in the National Electrical Code

Load calculations in the National Electrical Code have evolved over many decades. It was in the 1933 NEC that load calculation requirements began to...

Basic Electrical Calculations

Electrical calculations generally fall within two categories: dc circuit analysis and ac circuit analysis. In a typical engineering curriculum dc circuit analysis is introduced...
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