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What Is Earthing & Why and How Do We Connect to...

The thin layer of material which covers our planet—rock, clay, chalk or whatever—is what we in the world of electricity refer to as earth. So, why do we need to connect anything to it? After all, it is not as if earth is a good conductor. It might be wise at this stage to investigate potential difference (PD). A PD is exactly what it says it is: a difference in potential (volts). In this way, two conductors having PDs of, say, 20 and 26 V have a PD between them of 26 and 20 V. The original PDs (i.e., 20 and 26 V) are the PDs between 20 V and 0 V and 26 V and 0 V.

Medium Voltage Earthing Systems – Arrangements and Comparison

Neutral point connection method First, let’s define the different medium voltage earthing systems and then compare the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Earthing systems...
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