Some of the most intimidating work that an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) can encounter involves hazardous (classified) locations and what classification those areas will carry.

What is the purpose of a life safety system that fails in the event of an emergency? These systems are designed to help occupants safely evacuate a building during emergency conditions. Contractors, code enforcement agencies, and designers must understand the requirements of local, state, and national codes and standards that are developed in order to maintain this integrity.

Making the right choices is a difficult decision when considering safety, electrical performance, and cost. The following discussion focuses on the electrical connection and installation tools to make the connection.

The holiday season is an extremely busy part of the year for everyone, and there is no exception for electricians. While many anticipate the upcoming celebrations and décor, we start many months prior preparing for the season to come.

The NEC-2023 CMPs discussions will be starting soon. Some changes will be to clarify existing requirements, others to remove obsolete requirements, and, most importantly, changes to incorporate new or revised requirements to account for new technologies.

Advances in Disturbance Monitoring Equipment (DME) provide utilities with an economical retrofit solution to comply with NERC PRC-002-2 requirements

From health care centers in pharmacies to major health care hospitals, anyone who is not intimately familiar with the intricacies of medical headwalls, major electrical equipment [such as cardiac catheterization, cat scans, magnetic resonance imagining (MRI)], or even just the installation and supply of operating lights, is in for a real lesson in humility.

As we continue to learn more about the COVID-19 virus, Members of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) are receiving questions regarding the cleaning and disinfecting of electrical equipment.

Resilience to power outages begins with the healthcare facility and its leadership. Facilities that prepare and plan for the unexpected will be less likely to have catastrophic failures and will be able to request and receive temporary assets faster if needed.

Marijuana extraction is a method of combining flammable liquids with marijuana and extracting potent compounds from the plant, usually in the form of cannabis oil. It is a process that is complicated, and installations should be left to qualified electrical contractors since it involves classified (explosionproof) areas, specialized wiring, and expensive equipment.