This article provides a general overview of what to expect when completing a field evaluation of medium/high-voltage switchgear electrical distribution systems based on NFPA 791.

The intent of the 2018 IRC Section R327.2 is that energy storage systems (ESS) be Listed (Certified) to UL 9540, the Standard for Safety of Energy Storage Systems and Equipment.

Electric vehicle batteries that are repurposed for use in new applications generally undertake a three-step process.

Health and safety considerations are now an integral part of machine design operations; therefore, manufacturers, project managers, and inspectors need to be aware of critical functional safety (FS) design requirements.

Reputable manufacturers go to great effort to acquire certification to demonstrate the safety of their products. However, less reputable manufacturers may forego testing and certification, using counterfeit marks to give the illusion that their products are on par with competitive products, when in fact, they could be dangerous and of unknown quality.

The U.S. solar market is accelerating because of a growing understanding that (1) renewable energy projects are sound investments, and (2) uninterrupted power is critical to business success where utility power can fluctuate.

Q. I know cord and plug-connected appliances are tested for leakage current but are hard-wired appliances tested for leakage current, as well?

Can UL shed some light on sizing of conductors and branch-circuit protective devices required for Certified (Listed) three-phase drives used in single-phase to three-phase motor applications?