With the rapidly growing commercial use of 3D printers to make parts, manufacturers still unfamiliar with this technology need to know its advantages and drawbacks compared to injection molding.

Service-entrance equipment can present unique challenges when it comes to proper application of electrical equipment. The service point is the point of demarcation between utility and premise wiring.

Selective coordination is often referred to simply as coordination. Coordination is defined in NEC® 240.2 as: “The proper localization of a fault condition to restrict outages to the equipment affected, accomplished by the choice of selective fault-protective devices.”

Australia, like many other countries, has experienced many changes within the electrical industry with the privatization of the electrical distribution businesses (power companies)

A sound electrical enforcement program is an essential element in ensuring safe electrical installations, establishing safe electrical work practices, driving performance requirement compliance, and supporting the installation of emerging technology that uses electrical power.

I have spoken with building department officials who have seen an increase of five to ten times in solar permit applications over the last few years. It is a tough task for them to keep up with the volume with no increase in budget or resources.

We are approaching some exciting times as an association. By now, everyone has heard that IAEI is embarking on developing a new strategic plan and governance structure for our association.

Where to find the ultimate expertise for determination of a hazardous location described in Section 18?

I have used UL Product Spec and find it extremely useful.  Are there any online tutorials available so that I can demonstrate to others the broad search capabilities of this powerful tool?

This procedure for troubleshooting open-circuit faults in the control circuit is designed to start in the middle of the problem area and give us the best idea of which direction to go. The control transformer is a good place to start since it is in the middle of the circuit and is part of the power and control circuits.