Safety needs to be Job #1, there is no point in being profitable, if the workplace is unsafe.

Millions of AC systems running in homes and businesses require power, and the grid must be prepared to supply it since the load tends to rise yearly.

In order to promote worker safety, it must start with company leadership fully supporting the creation and implementation of an effective safety plan.

Discover how electricians, inspectors, and on-site electrical professionals can benefit from Mobile Personal Emergency Response Device (mPERS) devices.

Workers working in confined spaces and hazardous locations must wear arc-rated (AR) clothing to protect themselves from injuries and burns that can be life-threatening.

In keeping your home safe when it comes to electricity, it is important to look at how we are using those things through the winter months, both outside and inside the home.

Electrical dangers associated with downed power lines, portable generators, and submerged electrical equipment can still cause injuries once a snow or ice storm has ended.

As part of a series addressing fires in residential buildings, this report addresses the characteristics of residential building heating fires.

A malfunctioning space heater caused a fire in a high-rise in Bronx. What happened?

Winter months tend to be hard on all kinds of equipment because reducing the temperature makes it harder to move electricity through the system.