Pre-Wired and Modular systems can save substantial time and money over traditional hard-wired methods.

Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter Technology Earns Reputation in Preventing Electrical Fires.

A summary of employer-reported inpatient hospitalizations, amputations, and eye losses from 2015-2021.

Each year, ESFI collects and publishes workplace electrical injury data covering incidents from the previous year.

Shared knowledge and collaboration between everyone involved will derive stories of electrical safety achievements that people wish to tell through the end of time.

A product that is either factory-certified or field-approved is also required to comply with CSA C22.2 No. 0, which stipulates that all markings must be bilingual.

Safety needs to be Job #1, there is no point in being profitable, if the workplace is unsafe.

Millions of AC systems running in homes and businesses require power, and the grid must be prepared to supply it since the load tends to rise yearly.

In order to promote worker safety, it must start with company leadership fully supporting the creation and implementation of an effective safety plan.

Discover how electricians, inspectors, and on-site electrical professionals can benefit from Mobile Personal Emergency Response Device (mPERS) devices.