When a school or part of a school is designated as an emergency shelter, it upgrades the school to a Risk Category IV.

Educational institutions often have the same requirements as most commercial facilities. However, there are a few special requirements that need to be considered.

This article presents a practical perspective on power quality (PQ) studies in commercial buildings, highlighting their significance, implementation methods, and potential benefits.

What the Data Shows in AC Impedance, DC Resistance, and Splicing

Understanding Article 422, Appliances, is vital in helping to prevent residential electrical fires as the summer months heat up.

Interested in knowing how the energy use of appliances are calculated? Let’s start with understanding power usage.

Let’s take a look at grounding and bonding of swimming pools and the importance of these two different types of methods.

Before the 2017 NEC edition, there were not any commercially available GFCIs for protecting larger three-phase loads. Let’s look at how this evolved.

Let’s examine the how the different requirements within the NEC determine requirements for luminaires, controllers, neon power supplies, and more.

Most people don’t think too much about the systems that must be maintained to keep things running smoothly in healthcare facilities until they or a loved one needs medical help.