What is the status of UL 3741, and are there any Certified (Listed) PV hazard control systems?

Does UL Certify (List) electric vehicle (EV) chargers that allow an EV owner to back-feed the electrical system on their house and how do I identify one?

The intent of the 2018 IRC Section R327.2 is that energy storage systems (ESS) be Listed (Certified) to UL 9540, the Standard for Safety of Energy Storage Systems and Equipment.

Q. I have a question on a luminaire cut sheet that indicates the luminaire (LED disc light) conforms with UL 1598 and is allowed in clothes closets. How do I know if the luminaire is suitable to be installed in the clothes closet storage space?

What type of copper conductors and copper-clad aluminum connectors are Certified (Listed) for terminating copper-clad aluminum conductors?

What UL resources are available on UL.com to assist code authorities in doing plan reviews and inspections?

UL does Certify (List ) pods in many different configurations from sleeping pods to office pods/meeting rooms. UL investigates pods for compliance with the UL 962, the Standard for Safety of Household and Commercial Furnishings.

Why is PV rapid shutdown so important? What is the difference between PV rapid shutdown equipment (PVRSE) and a PV rapid shutdown system (PVRSS)?

Is there a UL Standard for plant oil extraction equipment, and does UL Certify (List) this type of equipment?