NFPA LiNK® is a tool that everyone, new or established workers, in the electrical industry needs in their tool belt.

A change in overall workforce development will occur when more states make programs like these a requirement of licensure within their state.

Shared knowledge and collaboration between everyone involved will derive stories of electrical safety achievements that people wish to tell through the end of time.

Ensuring that you have the right physical tools, NEC knowledge, as well as personal safety and intangible tools, are all critical for being the best inspector you can be.

Having a full understanding of how NEC requirements relate to appliance installation and use is key in our role in providing safety for the end-user.

In order to promote worker safety, it must start with company leadership fully supporting the creation and implementation of an effective safety plan.

In keeping your home safe when it comes to electricity, it is important to look at how we are using those things through the winter months, both outside and inside the home.

The means for providing illumination has gone through numerous changes over the centuries, from oil lamps to incandescent bulbs, to fluorescent tubes and LEDs.

The effort of the public to bring about change and the work of the CMP members and NFPA staff members has us just steps away from a completed cycle of the 2023 NEC.

To ensure that a swimming pool is in top shape and ready for a summer of fun, electrical systems need to be properly maintained and inspected.