The 2023 version of the NESC, edited by IEEE SA, became effective on February 1, 2023.

This #IAEINewsLIVE session will perform a short circuit study on a small system leveraging the per-unit method of calculations and complex variables.

This IAEINewsLive is a focus on Tom's top 10 changes found in the 2023 NEC. This will focus on just Chapters 1 - 4.

This session continues our discussion around the latest changes of NFPA 70E. We pick up our discussion today talking about the Arc Flash Risk Assessment.

This #IAEINewsLive will take a look at the second draft results of NFPA 70E. This document is getting closer to being published.

The effort of the public to bring about change and the work of the CMP members and NFPA staff members has us just steps away from a completed cycle of the 2023 NEC.

The NEC is one of the most widely adopted codes in the world. It can also be one of the most misinterpreted, so learning how to navigate the Code is critical.

Chapter 5, Special Occupancies, had some significant changes in the 2023 cycle. These occupancies include a unique blend of health care and motion picture and theater facilities.

The future may be a long way off. Households with entire Class 4 wiring seem like a dream. Excitingly, the new NEC issue may have taken America’s first step in that direction!

CMP-18 covers Articles 393, 406, 410, 600, and 605, especially regarding lighting and sign circuits. Here are some NEC-2023 changes.