Disaster stuck at Medina, Ohio’s Public Safety Center when lightning hit the center’s communication tower in 2013. The surge traveled from the tower to the IT and communications racks and onward through the system. It blew out two-thirds of the dispatch center including radios and computers, damaged other electrical appliances

No matter their strengths, associations—like people—are always at risk. Some dangers are so blatant they dare being ignored. Their work is insidious and relentless, going unnoticed until it’s too late. And it all happens without anyone breaking a sweat.

When you think of leadership, you are actually thinking about influence. At its core, leadership is really about influencing the people around you, and moving them in a certain direction to obtain certain goals or objectives.

The 2017 NEC has incorporated sweeping changes in the way it deals with PV systems and related systems that will resonate into the future for many years.

The intent of 110.16 in the NEC is to help ensure electrical workers wear proper PPE where justified energized work must be performed.

I have seen many display cases and commercial displays in retail stores made by millwork shops that incorporate lights and outlets, concealed power strips and power supplies, have multiple large flat screen displays, and a mixed bag of LED tape lights and drivers that are not Listed.  Does UL list these types of display products as entire assemblies?

IAEI members are actively involved in the development of both the National Electrical Code (NEC) and the Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code). In fact, this involvement has been part of the mission of IAEI since its inception in 1928.

Whether you are an electrical or building inspector, a general contractor, a PV professional or an educator, the fast pace of this evolving industry can either keep you up at night or be the morning jolt you need with (or in lieu of) that first cup of caffeine.