Photovoltaic power systems are proliferating and are going to be a major player in our nation’s energy mix. The inspector community must be able and willing to inspect these systems as the last line of defense in ensuring the safety of the public.

To have Cu-Clad BCBW in service within these two different climates for five decades can provide real-world insight into its performance.

If you think doing a good job is what it takes to get to the head of the pack, you’re naïve, confused, delusional, or all three. Take your pick.

In many areas, the construction management (CM) has emerged as the go-to replacement for more traditionally and historically accepted general contractor-led project delivery methods, particularly regarding large governmental or institutional work.

UL Certifies/Lists energy storage systems for use in accordance with new Article 706 in the 2017 NEC.  UL Certifies/Lists these systems under the product category Energy Storage Systems and Equipment (FTBW). 

Electrical safety needs to be a year-round priority.  Don’t dismiss or underestimate your role in preventing electrical accidents.  If we all work together maybe someday, we can reach zero incidents.