For example, today’s Code requirements state that an intentionally grounded conductor (sometimes referred to as a neutral conductor) is required to be installed at all switch locations where switches control lighting loads that are supplied by a grounded general-purpose branch circuit, or are they?

My two weeks spent doing field inspections involved long days and many stories. As a volunteer, I was always well received by the people of New Orleans.

Construction management is a fine construction delivery vehicle for larger/complex commercial projects, but it is not the only one.

Authorities from CMP-5 received a public input(s) asking for clarification to the connection of the structural steel of in-ground permanently installed swimming pools as part of the grounding electrode system.

Continuous improvement is a way of life for any business and is accepted as a standard approach in improving quality, productivity and processes.

Test your knowledge about 2017 NEC corrosion requirements in the code book.

In this article, overcurrent protection for direct current(dc) and alternating current (ac) PV circuits will be addressed.

Most of us cannot choose our co-workers, team members, or business associates. Nonetheless, we can avoid being blindsided by those who, often unintentionally, would throw us off course.

This is the second in a series of five articles detailing significant changes approved by the Technical Committee for the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code Part I (CE Code).

the 2014 National Electrical Code® added a new section that will have a long-term profound effect on the design and specification of emergency lighting systems: