Keeping hands healthy at work is straightforward, simple and can have a big payoff. With a little vigilance and awareness, you can help prevent these unnecessary injuries.

Continuing education is critical. It will be mandatory to use all available communication devices and advanced tools at our disposal to effectively plan, review, and inspect the current and next generation of PV systems.

The CE Code means that the emergency generator must be installed in every high building as the required emergency power supply source for smoke control and smoke venting fans and dampers

A stray current is a flow of electric current through unintended conductors such as building structures, electrical grounding or bonding conductors, or other equipment due to electrical supply system imbalances or improper equipment hookup.

The benefit of group motor installations is that only one branch-circuit overcurrent protective device (fuse or listed inverse-time circuit breaker) is required to provide short-circuit protection for all motor controllers or overload protection devices in the group.

Safety first is always a good idea, but especially so in the electrical industry. The job you do as an electrical professional is so essential to the business of everyday life.

Do I have to use a power supply/driver that is specifically Listed as an LED driver or low voltage lighting power supply? 2017 NEC 411.4(B)(2) just requires a Listed power supply. Listed for what?