In keeping your home safe when it comes to electricity, it is important to look at how we are using those things through the winter months, both outside and inside the home.

A PV system connected to the supply side of a main breaker will allow larger PV systems to be installed. Let’s explore these connections in depth.

ESS systems receive electric energy, store the energy in some form, and then provide electrical energy to loads or power conversion equipment when needed.

To play this game, you need a sharp eye, a quick mind and a 2023 National Electrical Code book. The NEC can be accessed for free at (Fill-in-the-blank questions are looking for the exact word(s) used in the NEC.)

Let’s examine the loading and overloading of distribution transformers from the perspective of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (CE Code).

To play this game about lighting, you need a sharp eye, a quick mind and a 2020 National Electrical Code book.

The means for providing illumination has gone through numerous changes over the centuries, from oil lamps to incandescent bulbs, to fluorescent tubes and LEDs.

Let’s examine how UL’s branding changes impact UL Certification (Listing) Marks and Standards.

With more frequent utility outages due to various environmental events, batteries are even more important in today’s PV systems.