CMP-7 covers a variety of different content from manufactured structures, agricultural buildings, recreational vehicles, and marinas to irrigation machines.

The terms in the 2023 NEC are being updated to reflect changes to the NEC Style Manual, leading to less room for interpretation and fewer errors during installation.

This #IAEINewsLIVE session is going to take a look at how important definitions are to the proper application of the National Electrical Code.

Revisions in the 2023 NESC are intended to provide clarity and ease of use, which ultimately point back to its purpose – safety.

UL Certifies (Lists) recessed LED luminaires under the product category Light-emitting-diode Recessed Luminaires (IFAO).

What does alternative energy mean for the inspectors, installers, and designers that find themselves entrenched in the NEC world on a daily basis?

IEEE SA offers the IEEE Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Standards Collection, featuring core IEEE standards that will be pivotal to the energy sector’s transformation using DERs.

National Electrical Code (NEC) Section 300.21 deals with firestopping of electrical installations in fire-rated assemblies.

NFPA 4 provides the minimum requirements for testing the end-to-end integration of fire protection and life safety systems.

This session of #IAEINewsLive is one of a series that will focus on the continued development of NFPA 70B.