The NEC continues to develop around Surge as we see more requirements for protection and we see some reorganization.

This session of #IAEINewsLive will get back to some basics and look at power factor correction.

This session of #IAEINewsLive will focus on terminations! Just when you thought it was easy to just land a conductor on a terminal.

This session of #IAEINewsLive will focus on the single-line diagram and how it plays a role in electrical safety.

This session of #IAEINewsLive is an industry update with a reference document you can add to your computer for future reference. Today's session hits on industry news, the IAEI Section Meetings, some Key NFPA resources and more.

This session of #IAEINewsLive is one of a series that will focus on the continued development of NFPA 70B.

This fundamentals session of #IAEINewsLive focuses on holiday electrical safety. Let's have a live discussion about keeping things safe these holidays. What we discuss during this session transcends holidays and should be kept in mind all year round.

Short-circuit current calculations are one of the most fundamental studies conducted on a power distribution system.

Join Tom Domitrovich and Keith Lofland for a discussion on the changes found in the 2023 version of the National Electrical Code (NEC 2023)