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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Electrical Power Quality and Harmonic Concerns

The Problem of Harmonics Harmonics are generated by nonlinear components in electrical systems, which distort the sine wave. Increasing usage of power electronics causes a...

Mass Notification Know-How — Codes & Components

Initially seen as a “military solution,” mass notification systems (MNS) are gaining popularity among many non-military occupancies. The NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm &...

Risk Analysis & Emergency Planning

When discussing risk analysis and emergency planning, it is important to define when a mass notification/emergency communication system is required to be installed. Currently,...

Ohm’s Law…the Relationship between Voltage, Current and Resistance

Theory Terms and Definitions The following definitions relate to basic electrical theory. It is important that installers and inspectors have a working knowledge of electrical...

U.S. Electrical Codes & Regulations — State of the Industry [2015 Update]

Electrical safety begins with good codes enforced uniformly across the nation. But how uniform are we? The National Electrical Code is adopted nationwide, but how...
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