Five New Categories for AFCI Devices Under UL 1699

Question: AFCIs

Recently, UL indicated that a new Standard for Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters, UL 1699, had been published. How will UL 1699 affect new products currently in development?


In the March-April issue of IAEI News’ “UL Question Corner,” UL indicated that arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) were covered under the product category of Circuit Breakers, Molded Case, Classified for Mitigating the Effects of Arcing Faults (DIWL). Since then, the UL engineers responsible for AFCIs have pointed out that this category has been phased out and replaced by five new categories specifically for AFCI devices, now covered under UL 1699, Standard for Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters.

The new categories are branch/feeder type (AVZQ); outlet circuit type (AWCG); portable type (AWDO); cord type (AWAY); and combination type (AWAH) AFCIs. These products will be included in the 2000 edition of the UL Electrical Construction Equipment Directory (green book), and in the 2000 edition of the UL General Information Directory (white book).

For more information on the types of AFCIs covered under UL 1699, see the related article on p. 80 in this issue of IAEI News. UL regrets this error.

Question: Listed and classified products

Does UL provide online information of Listed and Classified products?


Yes. UL’s new online certification and Registered firms database premiered in March. All information currently published in UL’s 16 product directories is now available at no charge on UL’s web site,

However, UL will continue to publish print editions of its well-known product directories. Special search options have been added to assist regulatory authorities in their daily
routines. For example, code officials can use the Guide Information search option covered under a specific product category—such as installation requirements, building and electrical codes, UL Standards to which products are evaluated, related product categories, and information on identifying the appropriate UL Marks—when determining a product’s acceptance.

For more information about the UL certification database, contact the UL Data Services (ULDS) Group in Melville, NY, by phone at (631) 271-6200, ext. 22897; by fax at (631) 439-6018; or by e-mail

Question: Listed floor boxes

How are Listed floor boxes installed in accordance with NEC Section 370-27(b) identified?


UL Listed floor boxes include the complete assembly consisting of the cover, gasket and box. Receptacles may be included in the packaging or added to the assembly in the field. Products Listed for installation in accordance with NEC Section 370-27(b) are covered under the product categories metallic outlet boxes (QCIT), and nonmetallic outlet boxes (QCMZ), on pages 69 and 70 respectively, of the 1999 edition of the UL General Information Directory (white book).

Listed kits, consisting of the cover and gasket for use with specific Listed floor boxes, are identified in the installation instructions. The interchangeability of components is authorized only as specified on the product, or in the installation instructions included with the product.

UL Listed floor boxes bear the complete Listing Mark, including the UL in a circle, the word “Listed,” the product name, and the control number. The Listing Mark consisting of the UL in a circle can be found on the product itself; the complete Listing Mark is usually located on the smallest unit container in which the product is packaged, indicating that the entire assembly has been evaluated for compliance with applicable UL Standards and NEC Section 370-27(b). Also, the product identity “floor box” is placed adjacent to the Listing Mark.

Receptacle and cover assemblies complying with NEC Section 370-27(b), are covered under the product category Receptacles for Attachment Plugs and Plugs (RTRT), on pages 85 and 86 in the 1999 white book. These products are Listed as display receptacles, including the receptacle, flush device cover place or outlet box cover, and closure plugs. They are intended for use in show window floors and similar locations where the device is not subjected to scrub water. UL Listed receptacles and cover assemblies are not intended to be used as substitutes or in place of floor boxes.

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