Can I get an email update from UL when new information is added to UL’s Regulators page?

Question: Email updates?

Can I get an email update from UL when new information is added to UL’s Regulators page or other UL information is developed that may be of interest to me?



Yes, as of January 2004, the UL Regulators page at added a function where you can register for email updates and select your interest area, such as electrical, building or fire and you will receive an ULtimate Email update when UL information that is of interest to you is developed. In order to register, just log on to a popup window will appear. Complete the registration form and you will be registered to receive ULtimate email updates, so that you will always be the first to know.

Question: EMT and medium voltage applications

Can EMT be used in medium voltage applications for grounding purposes? Are all compression fitting couplings for EMT UL listed for grounding at all voltages?



Yes, EMT is listed for use in circuits above 600 volts, as noted in the Guide Information for Electrical Metallic Tubing (FJMX). The Guide information for Electrical Metallic Tubing Fittings (FKAV) states that these fi ttings are suitable for grounding in all circuits when installed in accordance with the NEC.

 Question: Radiant heating panel

Are radiant heating panels listed for use under ceramic tile floors in a bathroom/shower floor?



Radiant heating panels are Listed under the product category Heaters, Radiant Heating Equipment (KQYZ). This category covers radiant heating equipment such as space heating cable, heating panels and heating panel sets intended to be installed as fi xed equipment for space heating for use in accordance with Article 424 of ANSI/NFPA 70, the National Electrical Code (NEC).

These products form an integral part of the building construction after on-site assembly, installation and connection. The manufacturer is required to provide specific installation instructions with listed units that address mandatory installation practices and any limitations of the installation and/or use of the equipment.

Radiant heating panels listed for use in floors are marked ‘‘Radiant Floor Heating Panel’’ or ‘‘Radiant Concrete Heating Panel,’’ as appropriate. Units intended for concrete installation are further marked ‘‘Concrete Installation Only.’’ The instructions for panel or cable units intended for burial in concrete specifically indicate that the slab must be a double pour (poured in two parts) if that is the only acceptable means of installation. If such a limieither a single or double pour may be used. Cable units are provided with a tag attached to the nonheating leads that supplement the installation instructions. The instructions for heating panels and heating panel sets intended for connection of single conductor supply cable specify the type of cable to be used and state that ‘‘Type NM and NMC nonmetallic-sheathed cable is not suitable for installing this product.’’

The installation instructions provided with the radiant floor heating panels will indicate the type of floor and subfloor material that the panels were listed for use with. If a panel’s instructions indicate that it is suitable for installation in concrete this does not mean thin set mortar as is used to install ceramic tile.

Always refer to the installation instructions provided with the listed product for the intended use and proper installation.

Question: Putty pads

Are there any UL Classified “putty pads” that can be installed inside an outlet box, to reduce the horizontal spacing of metallic outlet boxes installed on opposite sides of a fire rated wall?



Yes, “putty pads” are UL Classified under the product category Wall Opening Protective Devices. These certifications appear under category (QCSN) in the UL White Book and under category CLIV in the UL Fire Resistance Directories Volume 1. In addition to putty pads that are installed to the outer surfaces of a metallic outlet box prior to the gypsum board installation, there are pads that can be installed on the inside back of the outlet box as well as pads that secure under the wiring device cover plate.

Pads installed inside of the box are made of intumescent material that, when exposed to fire, expands and closes off the entire opening for the outlet boxes. This action maintains the fire rating of the assembly.

All of the putty pads or wall opening protective materials, when installed in accordance with their UL classification and installation instructions, can be used to reduce the horizontal spacing of metallic outlet boxes on opposite sides of a fire rated wall to less than 24 inches, provided they are not installed directly back to back.

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