What are the new listing requirements for GFCIs and when will they go into effect?

Question: Listing requirements for GFCIs

I heard the Listing requirements are changing for GFCIs. What are the new requirements and when will they go into effect?



Effective July 28, 2006, new requirements go into effect in the Standard for Safety for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, UL 943. These requirements are to address new requirements for an end of life test and for a revised miswiring test.

The new UL 943 requirements define a GFCI receptacle’s end of life as occurring when it is incapable of passing its internal test function, and require that, when the internal test function is performed, a ground-fault circuit-interrupter receptacle that has reached its end of life shall either:

a. indicate by visual means, audible means, or both, that the device must be replaced, or

b. render itself incapable of delivering power.

The reverse line–load miswire requirements now require GFCI receptacles to de-energize the face of a miswired GFCI in addition to the downstream receptacles, which has been required since January 2003. Receptacle-type ground-fault circuit interrupters shall interrupt the electric circuit to the receptacle face and line terminals when a supply circuit is wired to the load terminals of the device.

Effective July 28, 2006, all manufacturers will be required to construct all production in accordance with the new requirements. Listed GFCIs manufactured prior to that date may still appear in the marketplace until their stock is depleted.

GFCIs are Listed under the category of Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters, (KCXS) located on page 121 in the 2006 UL Guide Information for Electrical Equipment, the White Book or online at www.ul.com/databaseand enter the Category Code KCXS.

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