Is a CE Mark the same as a NRTL mark?

Question: CE Mark and NRTL Mark

Is a CE Mark the same as a NRTL mark?



No, a NRTL Mark is the certification mark of a nationally recognized test lab as accredited by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). You can determine which test labs are nationally recognized testing laboratories (NRTLs) as well as the scope of their accreditation (which standards they can certify to as a NRTL) by accessingwww.osha. gov/dts/otpca/nrtl The UL Mark is
the most well known and accepted NRTL Mark.

A CE Marking is a European marking of conformity that indicates that a product complies with the essential requirements of the applicable European Laws or Directives with respect to safety, health, environmental and consumer protection. Generally, this conformity to the applicable directives is done through self-declaration. The CE Marking is required on products in the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) to facilitate trade between the member countries. The manufacturer or its authorized representative established in the EEA is responsible for affixing the CE Marking to its product. The CE Marking provides a means for a manufacturer to demonstrate that its product complies with a common set of laws required by all of the countries in the EEA to allow free movement of trade within the EEA countries.

Unlike the UL Mark, or other NRTL marks, the CE Marking: 1) is not a safety certification mark, 2) is generally based on self-declaration rather than third party certification, and 3) does not demonstrate compliance to North American safety standards or installation codes. Please keep in mind that a product that bears a CE Marking may also bear a certification mark such as UL’s Listing Mark, however, the CE Marking and the UL Mark have no association. The UL Mark indicates compliance with the applicable safety requirements in effect in North America and is evidence of UL certification, which is accepted by model North American installation codes such as the National Electrical Code and the Canadian Electrical Code.

The CE Marking on products is not a certification mark. AHJs should continue to look for the UL Mark on products in order to determine if a product complies with applicable safety requirements for North America.

For more information on the CE Mark and what it represents, please refer to the CE Marking Information section of the 2007 UL White Book on page 38, or online at UL’s Regulators web site at:

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