Is there anywhere I can get a repository of UL Question Corner columns in one place and organized by topic?


Is there anywhere I can get a repository of UL Question Corner columns in one place and organized by topic?


Yes, UL has a repository of UL Question Corner columns going back to the year 2000 located on UL’s recently enhanced Code Authorities web pages located The Code Authorities page on is the website for UL’s Regulatory Services Department that is charged with supporting the UL Mark by supporting you, the users of UL’s certifications. The Code Authorities page on has also been redesigned and improved to provide more content in a way that is more intuitive and in an easier to locate format for the user.

On the Code Authorities page, click on “electrical” on the left side of the page. Once on the Electrical page, click on the Newsletters and Publications link and then the “IAEI UL Question Corner Reprints” link. That page hosts the UL Question Corner columns organized by topic and date of issue, so you can search by either criterion. In addition to the UL Question Corner reprints, the Newsletter and Publication page will provide you access to PDF versions of the UL White Book and the Canadian UL White Book as well as all UL marking and application guides, The Code Authority and the Code Authority Electrical Connections (TCA-EC) newsletters.

In addition to the Newsletter and Publications link located on the Code Authorities Electrical page, you’ll find the “Concerns with products in the field” page with information on UL’s Field Evaluations and Field Inspections as well as UL’s Field Modification and Field Labeling policies and links to filing a Product Incident Report (formerly Field Reports) and information on recalls.

The newest edition to the Code Authorities Electrical Page is the “Electrical Code related technical topics” page. This page has information on a broad range of technical topics of interest to all electrical designers, electricians and AHJs and is organized by chapter of theNational Electrical Code.

If you have questions while on the website, there is a “Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)” page to help answer all your questions.

Please give the redesigned Code Authorities web page a test drive. We think you’ll find it useful and easier to navigate. If you have any comments, feel free to drop us an email at

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