I have heard UL has a new web-based compliance tool similar to the UL White Book, can you tell me more?

Yes, UL recently launched UL Product Spec at www.ul.com/productspec.   UL Product Spec is a responsive website, so it works well on whatever screen size you have, smart phone, tablet or PC and is a web-based compliance tool for verifying UL certification (Listing) or sourcing UL certified (Listed) products for electrical construction materials as well as building and fire related construction materials and systems. The searchable data is based on that from UL’s White Book as well as UL’s Fire Resistance, Fire Protection, Building Materials and Roofing Directories.

UL Product Spec is searchable many different ways, by installation code section, product type key word that searches by industry terms that you know the products by or by the product name on the UL Mark. You can also search by category code or browse lists of UL product categories organized by intuitive groupings that make sense to those in the trades. You can also search for UL fire rated assemblies and through penetration fire stop systems that meet your needs. For architects and specifiers, you can search by Master Format Number to find UL Certified (Listed) products that meet your plans needs and will meet the installation code requirements, reducing plan review and inspection issues.

UL Product Spec not only provides a direct link to the proper UL Certification (Listing) category guide information and a list of Certified (Listed) products for an application, it also provides a comprehensive results page incorporating a wealth of UL information relating to those products, such as marking and application guides, newsletter articles and white papers, UL Evaluation Reports as well as the scope of the UL standard used for certification of the products.

So go to www.ul.com/productspec and bookmark it in your web browser or save the link to your home screen, that way it will act like an app on your device and you will have this important tool always at your fingertips. After you try it, we would appreciate your feedback and suggestions; please email your feedback to thomas.r.lichtenstein@ul.com.


In the January-February 2014 UL Question Corner I read about UL’s New Enhanced Certification Mark that makes it easier to verify a UL Certified product. Has UL considered adding a QR code to the UL Mark so I can scan it with my smart phone and get a direct link to the certification information?

Yes, UL launched the UL Enhanced Certification Mark in May 2013 and now has taken that mark to the next level by adding a QR code to it to create a new variation. The Enhanced and Smart Certification Marks deliver greater clarity and acceptance in the market today, and anticipate changing marketplace needs and the evolving nature of product safety. The benefits of the Enhanced and Smart UL Certification Marks include:

  • Enhanced clarity and acceptance
  • Greater transparency into a product’s compliance
  • Easier access to product information by the end user

The Smart Mark version includes a QR Code that enables instant access to a custom product page detailing the UL product Certification when scanned by a smart phone or tablet in the field.

For more information on this important development, please go to www.ul.com/markshub and click on Resources. Access to the Marks Hub is free and open to all regulators, but registration is required.

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