If a UL Listed (Certified) product is rebuilt, reconditioned, refurbished or remanufactured, does the original Listing (certification) mark on the product apply to the rebuild?

 No.  Rebuilding, reconditioning, refurbishing and remanufacturing all modify a Listed (certified) product.  As such, UL does not know if the product continues to comply with our Listing (certification) requirements.  The one exception is when a UL Listing or Certification Mark specifically includes references to rebuilding, refurbishing or remanufacturing.

An authorized use of the UL Certification Mark is a manufacturer’s declaration that a product was manufactured in accordance with the applicable certification requirements, and was in compliance with those requirements when it was shipped from a factory.  When a UL Certified product is modified or rebuilt (or reconditioned, refurbished or remanufactured) after it leaves a factory where the Certification Mark was applied, UL does not know if the product continues to meet the applicable certification requirements unless the modification or rebuilding has been specifically evaluated by UL.   Some exceptions to this are when a UL Certified product has specific markings for field installed equipment or the replacement of components, or a UL Certified product has been evaluated for installation in specified equipment.

Authorities Having Jurisdiction are responsible for assessing the acceptability of any modifications or rebuild of a product.  Evidence that UL has specifically evaluated the modification or rebuilding can only be demonstrated by a product that bears the mark of one of UL’s programs for modified or rebuilt equipment, which include:

1) UL Rebuilt Products – UL’s Rebuilt Product certifications cover a wide range of product types.  The guide information for each product category with a rebuilt certification program identifies the applicable requirements and the specific UL marking.  Only rebuilt products that bear the UL Certification Mark along with the word “Rebuilt,” “Refurbished” or “Remanufactured” have been evaluated by UL to the applicable certification requirements.

2) UL Field Evaluations – For products unacceptable to an Authority Having Jurisdiction, owner or other regulatory body, UL’s Field Evaluation program enables evaluation to applicable product requirements for a specific application and location where a product is being used.  Products evaluated under this program bear the UL Field Evaluation Mark.

3) UL Retrofit Kits – UL’s Retrofit Kit certifications include an evaluation of all required component parts, including instructions, for retrofitting specific types of certified products.  Products evaluated under this program bear a UL Classification (Certified) Mark along with the product identity including the word “Retrofit.”

If you have come across a piece of rebuilt, reconditioned, refurbished or remanufactured equipment and it bears no certification mark or a certification mark without indication that the equipment was Listed (Certified) as “Rebuilt,” “Refurbished” or “Remanufactured,” UL can conduct a Field Evaluation to determine compliance.   For more information on UL Field Evaluations, please contact UL’s Customer Service at 877-854-3577 (877 UL Helps), prompt #2 or go to www. ul.com/field.


Can an unlisted (uncertified) luminaire or sign become Listed (Certified) with the installation of a UL Classified (Certified) retrofit kit?

No.  The first requirement of UL’s retrofit programs is that a luminaire or sign being retrofitted is already Listed (Certified) so that UL is aware that the luminaire or sign was found to comply with the appropriate certification requirements when originally manufactured.  Then, a UL Classified (Certified) retrofit conversion kit can be used to convert the lighting source in the luminaire or sign to a different lighting source,  e.g. , fluorescent to LED, in accordance with the retrofit kit markings and installation instructions.  Retrofit conversions have been investigated to determine that, when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s retrofit device instructions, they do not adversely affect the operation of the complete luminaire or electric sign.

Using a Classified(Certified) retrofit kit alone on an uncertified luminaire will not make it a Listed (Certified) luminaire, and it will not comply with NEC 410. 6 or NEC 600. 3 that require Listed (certified) luminaires and signs.

You can identify a UL Classified (Certified) retrofit kit by the UL Mark on one of the largest sub-assemblies of the kit identifying that it is Classified (Certified) for use in the specific type of luminaire or sign or in accordance with its installation instructions.  In addition, a luminaire that is modified and no longer accepts non-LED lamps has a label provided by the retrofit kit manufacturer to be affixed to the luminaire—where visible during relamping—that indicates the luminaire can no longer use the originally intended lamp(s).  Retrofit kits that permit the insertion of the original non-LED lamp types are provided with a marking for installation by the kit installer on the retrofitted luminaire.  This marking is placed on the converted luminaire where visible during relamping and is intended to alert end users that the luminaire has been modified to operate LED lamps and not to attempt to install or operate the original lamps in the luminaire.  It additionally identifies the replacement LED lamp type/model to be used, together with the manufacturer’s name and ordering information.

UL Classifies (Certifies) LED retrofits kits under the product categories Light-emitting-diode Luminaire Retrofit Kits (IFAR) and Light-emitting-diode Retrofit Luminaire Conversion Kits for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers (IFAS), and for signs under Sign Conversions, Retrofit (UYWU).  The UL Guide Information and related certifications can be viewed online at www.ul.com/productspec; please enter IFAR, IFAS or UYWU at the category code search field.

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