Coalition to Promote Role of Code Enforcers

A national coalition will undertake the goal to educate the public, industry and elected officials about the critical role code officials play in improving the level of safety in the built environment. The Raise the Profile Coalition, committed to creating awareness about the important role code officials play in making everyday life safer, is made up of building safety professionals, trade associations, manufacturers, consumers and other stakeholders committed to improving public safety by raising awareness of code officials’ roles.

The coalition includes the American Association of Code Enforcement, Institute of Business and Home Safety, International Association of Electrical Inspectors, International Association of Fire Chiefs–Fire and Life Safety Section, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, International City/County Management Association, International Code Council and National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

Throughout the United States and around the world, people have sustained injuries, death, and economic loss because of unsafe buildings and systems. These losses are successfully minimized through the application of and ongoing enhancements to codes and standards (building, electrical, fire, HVAC, plumbing, property maintenance, zoning, environmental, and so forth) and a regulatory system to administer them.

The application of contemporary codes has dramatically improved the level of safety in buildings and their environs. To maintain and enhance the level of safety America has today, the Raise the Profile Coalition advocates continuing improvements.

Key to building safety is the code official who reviews plans, issues permits and inspects the work and property for code compliance. The public in many industrialized nations has an expectation of building safety that is taken for granted—a testament to the safety of buildings today, according to the coalition. However, lack of knowledge about why buildings are safe has resulted in little public awareness about the important role that code officials play in their everyday lives. This lack of awareness hinders public safety agencies from achieving higher levels of compliance, and even safer communities.

To change this situation and raise the profile of code officials, the signatory organizations have committed to a long-term effort that will focus on informing the public about the important role code officials play in making everyday life healthier, more comfortable, increasingly efficient, and safer.