International Code Council announces new partnership with International Association of Electrical Inspectors
International Code Council announces new partnership with International Association of Electrical Inspectors

International Code Council announces new partnership with International Association of Electrical Inspectors

Electricity is an essential part of modern life. Nearly every aspect of our daily lives from lighting, heating, cooling and refrigeration, appliances, computers, machinery and transportation is dependent on the safe and effective use of electricity.  While we tend to take electricity for granted, its use continues to dramatically change and improve our daily life.

Two associations that have a vested interest in electrical safety in the built environment — the International Code Council and the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) — recently entered into a new partnership that will allow the Code Council and IAEI to further equip and educate electrical professionals, including inspectors, electrical installers and contractors, electrical engineers, testing agencies, standards organizations, manufacturers, and distributors. Each organization brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise, recognizing the mission both share in protecting communities and the built environment and forming a strong alliance.

The agreement allows IAEI and the Code Council to co-brand and reciprocally cross-promote select publications, and the educational products, offerings and services of each organization that are beneficial to their respective member bases, expanding what the associations currently offer their members. It also encourages the participation, knowledge and expertise of subject matter experts on respective technical initiatives, including committees and councils. The partnership allows IAEI to promote its electrical safety training through the Code Council’s own online training platform, resulting in expanded and enhanced educational programs for both groups. Each organization has unique memberships with various types of expertise and this collaboration will increase and improve the level of education, communication and overall value for IAEI and Code Council members.

“This agreement is a first step in working more closely with IAEI on issues of common interest to our members,” said Code Council Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims, CBO. “Collaborating with a highly respected and experienced group of professionals as IAEI is a privilege for the Code Council. Together, our organizations will partner on equipping and educating electrical professionals through electrical code and standards development, and premier education and certification for electrical professionals.”

“Both of our organizations share a passion for equipping building safety professionals for their work in safeguarding communities “said Code Council Executive Vice President Mark Johnson. “IAEI is a leader in electrical safety, and it only makes sense that we would enter into a collaboration with them and bring the resources of both of our organizations to bear on benefiting our respective members and enhancing the entire realm of electrical safety.”

“The International Association of Electrical Inspectors is the oldest global association focused solely on electrical safety,” said Rudolph Garza, President and CEO of IAEI. “IAEI has been at the forefront of providing electrical safety training and producing electrical safety publications since 1928.  However, in today’s ever changing technical world, no single association can reach all potential markets….so partnering with a well-respected preeminent association like the Code Council is the perfect way to expand the IAEI touch.  IAEI is proud to bring our electrical safety expertise to the table and partner with the Code Council to improve electrical safety across the globe. I believe this is just a beginning.”

“The IAEI is being proactive towards the future of electrical training by making it convenient to anyone at any time,” said Joseph Wages, Jr., Director of Digital Education with IAEI.  “The IAEI has developed our digital training platform which offers both live and on-demand continuing education opportunities.  Our partnership with the Code Council allows not only the electrical professional an opportunity for electrical training but opens this avenue to all construction professionals.  IAEI recognizes that there are many inspectors, by no fault of their own, that do not have a discipline in the electrical trade.  This partnership helps to bridge the educational gap and provide the needed training to assure a more competent inspection or installation.”

Mutually beneficial training and education are also target areas for cooperation. The Code Council and IAEI will work towards establishing a joint certification program related to electrical training. The Code Council is the preeminent certification body for credentialing code professionals and its certifications are often prerequisites for those seeking positions that review building plans and inspect homes and buildings for compliance with applicable codes and standards.

“As the developer of the International Codes, the Code Council is the go-to resource for training and education on code-related topics,” said Code Council Vice President of Training and Education Tracy Lendi. “The blending of the educational portfolios from IAEI and the ICC Learning Center will enhance the educational opportunities on building safety topics which will benefit our audiences.”

Established in 1928, the International Association of Electrical Inspectors is a not-for-profit trade association committed to equipping and educating electrical professionals and keeping the public safe from electrical hazards. The association provides expert, unbiased leadership in electrical code and standards development and premier education and certification for electrical professionals.


This article originally appeared in the May 2020 issue of the Building Safety Journal and is reprinted with permission.