Luminaire disconnects and motors?

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Question: Luminaire disconnects and motors?

Are the luminaire disconnect connectors that are used to comply with NEC 410.130(G) evaluated for other uses such as a disconnecting means for a motor?



No, luminaire disconnects are multi-pole splicing wire connectors and are not intended for use on motor circuits. Additionally, these types of wire connectors do not have a horsepower rating and would not comply with the requirements of NEC 430.109 and 430.110.

UL lists these luminaire disconnects under the product category “Multi-Pole Splicing Wire Connectors, (ZMNA).” Guide Information for this category can be found in UL’s Online Certifications Directory at and on page 388 in the 2008 UL White Book. UL listed multi-pole splicing wire connectors are evaluated for compliance with the Standard for Insulated Multi-Pole Splicing Wire Connectors, UL 2459.

Multi-pole splicing wire connectors are intended for factory wiring and/or field wiring. Multi-pole splicing wire connectors are intended to facilitate the connection of hard-wired utilization equipment (e.g., prefabricated wiring assemblies, ceiling fans, smoke detectors, lighting products) to the branch-circuit conductors of buildings. They are multi-polarity devices used to connect to two or more branch-circuit conductors.
This category also covers luminaire disconnects which are intended to facilitate replacement of the ballast within a luminaire. Luminaire disconnects have not been investigated for termination directly to branch circuit conductors.

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