UL and Installations of Alternative Power Equipment?



Does UL have any additional information available to AHJs or installers regarding installations of photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and other alternative power source equipment?



Yes, UL has recently published an Alternative Energy Equipment and Systems Application Guide. The guide is similar to the seven electrical equipment marking guides that UL publishes in Appendix A of the UL White Book. TheAlternative Energy Equipment Application Guideprovides application and UL product category information for photovoltaic systems, thermal solar systems, fuel cells and hydrogen generators, engine generators, microturbines and wind turbine generating systems.

The Alternative Energy Application Guide is available online at www.ul.com/markingguides and will be in the 2010 UL White Book in Appendix A.

UL University also provides several courses for photovoltaic (PV) designers, and installers. For more information on photovoltaic courses, please contact UL University at www.uluniversity.com and select photovoltaics from the course topics list.