Is all Type PLTC cable sunlight-resistant or is it sunlight-resistant only if marked?

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Is all Type PLTC cable sunlight-resistant or is it sunlight-resistant only if marked? Is it evaluated for use in wet locations?



All listed power limited tray cable or Type PLTC is sunlight-resistant and may be marked “sun res” or “sunlight resistant” but is not required to be so marked. PLTC cable is listed under the product category Power Limited Circuit Cable (QPTZ) located on page 320 in the 2010 UL White Book. The Guide Information for (QPTZ) in the 2010 White Book doesn’t make it clear that the jacket is sunlight-resistant even if it isn’t marked. However, the Guide Information on the UL Online Certification Directory will be updated shortly to clarify this issue, and the clarification will appear in the 2011 White Book. You can access the guide information online at and enter QPTZ at the Category Code search field.

Type PLTC cable is not suitable for wet locations unless it is additionally marked “wet” or “wet locations.” This information as well as the sunlight-resistant rating can be found in the Wire and Cable Marking Guide in Table 2 on page 11 of the marking guide. The Wire and Cable Marking guide is located in Appendix A in the back of the UL White Book. Appendix A starts on page 545 of the White Book. You can also access the wire and cable marking guide on the Code Authorities page of at

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