When is the 2011 UL White Book available, and what is new for 2011?

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When is the 2011 UL White Book available, and what is new for 2011?


The 2011 UL White Book started distribution April 1, 2011. The UL White Book is considered by many as “Part 2 of the Code.” That is because without the White Book, it is difficult to determine compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC). New to the 2011 White Book is the Index of Product Categories Correlated to the 2011 NEC, just pick your 2011 NEC section and find the applicable Listed product category Guide Information to comply with the Code section. In addition to the 2011 Index, there is also the Index of Product Categories Correlated to the 2008 NEC. Also new to the White Book is the Lightning Protection Application Guide, which is one of nine electrical marking and application guides in Appendix A of the White Book. In 2010, UL added the Alternative Energy Equipment and Systems Application Guide, which includes important application information on photovoltaic (PV) systems, wind turbines, generators, fuel cells, etc. So pick up a 2011 UL White Book or White Book CD at your local IAEI chapter meeting or at the annual IAEI Section Meetings this fall. You can also access a PDF version of the White Book online at www.ul.com/whitebook.

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