Code Hunter — Signs, Part 11, 2017 NEC

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To play this game, you need a sharp eye, a quick mind, and a 2017 National Electrical Code book.

(Fill-in-the-blank questions are looking for the exact words) used in the NEC).

1. Exception: Where conditions of supervision and maintenance ensure that only qualified persons will service the installation, flexible cords or cables identified in Table 400.4 for hard usage or extra-hard usage shall be permitted in cable trays used only for temporary wiring. All cords or cables shall be installed in a single layer. A permanent sign shall be attached to the cable tray at intervals not to exceed __________. The sign shall read CABLE TRAY FOR TEMPORARY WIRING ONLY
2. A sign shall be placed at the service entrance equipment, indicating type and __________ of each onsite emergency power source.
3. Signs and outline lighting systems with lampholders for incandescent lamps shall be marked to indicate the maximum allowable lamp __________ per lampholder.
4. Where there is more than one __________ machine in a machine room, the disconnecting means shall be numbered to correspond to the identifying number of the __________ machine that they control. The disconnecting means shall be provided with a sign to identify the location of the supply side overcurrent protective device.
5. Each crane, monorail, or hoist shall be provided with a visible __________ marked with the manufacturer’s name, rating in volts, frequency, number of phases, and circuit amperes as calculated in 610.14(E) and (F).
6. A permanent sign shall be attached to the cable tray at intervals not greater than __________. The sign shall read as follows: CABLE TRAY FOR WELDING CABLES ONLY
7. For PV system disconnecting means where the line and load terminals may be energized in the __________ position, the device shall be marked with the following words or equivalent: WARNING ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD TERMINALS ON THE LINE AND LOAD SIDES MAY BE ENERGIZED IN THE __________ POSITION. The warning sign(s) or label(s) shall comply with 110.21(B).
8. In projection rooms approved for use only with cellulose acetate (safety) film, the installation of appurtenant electrical equipment used in conjunction with the operation of the projection equipment and the control of lights, curtains, and audio equipment, and so forth, shall be permitted. In such projection rooms, a sign reading “Safety Film Only Permitted in This Room” shall be posted on the outside of each projection room door and within the projection room itself in a conspicuous location.
9. Permanent safety signs are required to be installed to give notice of drowning risks to persons using or swimming near a boat dock or marina and shall comply with all of the following:
(1) The signage shall comply with 110.21(B)(1) and be of
sufficient durability to withstand the environment.
(2) The signs shall be clearly visible from all approaches to a marina or boatyard facility.
10. In certain spray application areas, signs shall be conspicuously posted to convey the following:
(1) Designate the process zone as dangerous with regard to fire and accident
(2) Identify the grounding requirements for all electrically
conductive objects in the spray area
(3) Restrict access to qualified personnel only


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