The search for the proper charge cable and the power supply block or cube-style charge adapter that you plug into the ac voltage source seems never-ending.

ESD often occurs when low levels of alternating current (ac) are present in the water and pass through a person’s body, causing paralysis of their muscular and skeletal systems while swimming or otherwise immersed in fresh water.

In June 2016, CE Code Technical Committee voted on and agreed to the following definition changes in Section 0.

This article focuses on the Franklin lightning rod, arguably one of Benjamin Franklin’s greatest achievements, through the scientific and engineering perspective in search of the future of lightning protection technology in the rapidly changing world.

In layman’s terms, selective coordination is the ability to isolate an overcurrent condition in the electrical distribution system, by operating only the nearest upstream overcurrent protective device.

US residential builders installed copper-clad aluminum (CCA) building wire for residential branch circuits in tens of thousands (perhaps even hundreds of thousands) of single family homes, condominiums and apartments. 

Respective AHJs who administer provisions of the NBCC, C282, Z32 and the CE Code in this regard must be consulted accordingly.

This article will cover some of the behind-the-scenes activities that occur along with the more formal process of developing the Code and the UL standards for PV systems.

Here are 5 ways to make sure that you don’t suffer any damage due to faulty electrical circuit wiring and defective electric cables.

Over the next series of articles, I will provide a guide to help users find their way through the Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code).