CMP 12 acted on several proposed changes to Article 620 during the revision cycle for the 2017 NEC that deal with the proper installation of elevator controllers.

As an installer and an inspector, one common issue I've seeen is incompatible connections associated with raceways connections and fittings.

Electricity is often one of the initial services to fail during a storm. Many people use portable generators until power is restored.

Here are 23 ways that both chapters and the national office can meet today’s major challenge of making members feel valued

In this article, we will look at the dc currents in the PV system and see how they vary with the environment and how the Code is modified from the normal requirements to deal with these variations.

By this time, the subject of FT marking for combustible insulation and jackets of conductors and cables should be well understood by the Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code, Part I) users.

This article addresses one of the largest connections within a dwelling unit and, in all likelihood, the largest branch circuit: the range and/or the oven.

Most of us associate branding with products but being as we are in a service industry, our service is our product. Moreover, what quality do all successful products share? They are recognizable.

Sometimes inspectors are not fully appreciated and/or recognized for our efforts. Some view us as the bearers of bad news; or, more often, see us as the epitome of intolerance, rigidness, and inflexibility.