Is there a UL Standard for plant oil extraction equipment, and does UL Certify (List) this type of equipment?

The 2020 National Electrical Code© (NEC©) contains many changes regarding the use and limitations of reconditioned or rebuilt equipment. How does UL identify if the equipment is Certified (Listed) as reconditioned or rebuilt?

I have seen Listed LED tube lamps that incorporate a battery backup. Can they be used as emergency lighting or to retrofit a fluorescent or LED luminaire to convert it to an LED emergency luminaire?

To address the need for cord-and-plug-connected multiple receptacle devices to provide power to medical equipment in patient care areas of health care facilities, UL Certifies (Lists) cord-and-plug-connected health care facility outlet assemblies (HCOA).

Are there any Certified (Listed) products available to meet new PV rapid shutdown requirements inside the array boundary?

UL Product iQ database is the next generation of UL’s Online Certifications Directory and access to it is free; contains the same trusted UL certification info in a modern, user-friendly database.

Do I have to use a power supply/driver that is specifically Listed as an LED driver or low voltage lighting power supply? 2017 NEC 411.4(B)(2) just requires a Listed power supply. Listed for what?

It is the responsibility of the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to determine whether any field modifications are significant enough to require a UL staff member to evaluate the modified product. UL can assist the AHJ in making that determination.

Q. I know cord and plug-connected appliances are tested for leakage current but are hard-wired appliances tested for leakage current, as well?