Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Germicidal Products Guide

UL Question Corner: Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Germicidal Products Guide, MCC lineups, and UL Product iQ Webinar

During the COVID-19 pandemic, my jurisdiction encountered many lighting systems, air filtration equipment, surface cleaners for public places, etc., using ultraviolet-C (UVC) radiation for germicidal sanitization. When we asked for more details, we found that most were not Certified (Listed). Does UL Certify (List) UVC germicidal products, and is there some guidance on what UL will Certify (List)?

Yes, UL also received many inquiries and submittals for Certification (Listing) of UVC germicidal products. We found that there was a need for general information about UVC as a sanitizer as well as specific information for manufacturers and AHJs regarding established Certification (Listing) programs for products with UVC. We also identified that there were gaps for certain new and innovative product types where a safety standard was not established. UL rapidly developed requirements to address UV overexposure hazards involved with several types of equipment, which are collectively covered under UL 8802, Outline of Investigation for UV Germicidal Equipment and Systems. Now in its fourth edition, the outline presently concentrates on nonresidential, permanently mounted, or fixed germicidal equipment and systems with uncontained UVC emissions.

In addition, UL recently issued UL 8803, Outline of Investigation for Portable UV Germicidal Equipment with Uncontained UV Sources. UL 8803 covers portable germicidal equipment for use in households and similar environments. This set of requirements addresses devices that expose air and surfaces within an unoccupied area to uncontained UV energy. These devices are intended to remain stationary while in operation. UL 8803 aims to minimize the risk of UV overexposure injury through an integral motion detection function, activation cycle requirements, and product operating time limits. When integrated properly, these safeguards work to ensure the device will operate only in unoccupied areas.

UL also created the Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Germicidal Products Reference Guide that details the hazards involved with UVC radiation, identifies the UVC products we will certify, and describes the Certification (Listing) requirements used to certify each type of equipment. The guide can be viewed or downloaded along with many other UVC-related resources at UL.com/uvlighting. Scroll down to the Related Resources section and access the UVC Germicidal Products Reference Guide.


I have a nine-section Certified (Listed) motor control center (MCC) lineup with each section labeled sequentially as 1 of 9, 2 of 9, etc. Do I have to install the MCC sections in sequential order for the lineup to comply with UL’s requirements? What happens if the sections are installed in a different order?

The sequential marking on each section in a multiple-section MCC lineup defines the intended installation order and represents how the product was evaluated by UL. If the order needs to change, installers must consult the manufacturer for guidance. Depending on the installation and overall lineup, the placement of specific sections may be important, e.g., for a section marked for use as service equipment, or a section containing feeder overcurrent protection intended to protect downstream units, etc. An MCC lineup installed out of order may result in a violation of NEC 110.3(B) and may be deemed a field modification of a Certified (Listed) product. In that case, we would need to complete a field evaluation to determine if the MCC remains in compliance with UL’s requirements following any modification to the lineup order.

UL Certifies (Lists) MCCs under the product category Motor Control Centers (NJAV). The UL guide information and Certifications (Listings) can be viewed on UL Product iQ™ at UL.com/piq; enter NJAV at the search field.

For more information on UL field evaluations, contact UL’s Customer Service team at 877-854-3577, #4 or www.UL.com/field.


When doing plan reviews and inspections, I verify UL Certifications/Listings on the UL Product iQTM database to determine compliance with the National Electrical Code® (NEC®). Is there a free webinar or tutorial available on how to use Product iQ?

Product iQ is a very powerful search tool for verifying UL Certification (Listing) information to determine compliance with the NEC and other model installation codes. Recently UL released a complimentary webinar to demonstrate how to use this powerful tool to help determine code compliance.

The online webinar titled Understanding and Using UL Product iQ explains the different methods for searching Product iQ for UL product category guide information that details the scope of Certification (Listing) and describes important installation markings and criteria. The UL guide information assists in sourcing, reviewing plans, and inspecting an electrical installation. The 30-minute complimentary on-demand webinar can be viewed at UL.com/piqdemo and does require registration.  Product iQ is free to access and requires registration for the full search functionality.


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