This session will focus on the transformer secondary conductor protection and tap conductor protection.

This #IAEINewsLive session is pre-recorded and is a review of an installation. This session will be the base of future sessions that will review in detail various aspects of the installation in regard to NEC requirements.

Understanding the different parameters and dimensions of a coordination study is key to fully taking advantage of its results.

This edition of IAEINEwsLIVE will focus on Cable Tray. Get your NFPA 70-2020 book out and join me in discovering more about Cable Tray.

This #IAEINewsLIVE will take a look at the 112.5kVA transformer and a quick review of pertinent information on this topic.

This #IAEINewsLIVE session is Part 1 of 3, a series that reviews a 75kVA and 112.5kVA transformer installation and protection.

A lot has changed in the codes and standards world. This session will dig into some of the details associated with how the NEC is approaching safety in these locations.

Summer is upon us, so let’s review Article 680, Swimming Pools, Fountains, and Similar Installations, focusing on proposed changes for the 2023 NEC.