Is an electrical inspection in your area viewed as a public safety activity that is respected without compromise? Are the inspection services offered in your area properly funded, or are they under scrutiny for budget cutting?

Publication of the 2008 NEC reminds us once again that there are a host of dedicated electrical professionals that worked together to improve the safety associated with the distribution, control and use of electricity.

Maintaining positive and effective working relations between inspectors and installers is essential in business and the electrical trade.

During these investigations, a trend involving multimeter accidents emerged and alarmingly revealed that approximately 80 per cent of the reported multimeter accidents resulted in critical injuries to the victim.

Was this done to encourage pole-ish jokes? Where was the building inspector? Where was the electrical inspector?

While disaster plans must primarily address preventing loss of lives during the initial phase of the disaster, they must also address the post-initial phase (disaster recovery) with electrical equipment.

This article will discuss recognizing hazards, degrees of hazards, inspector training and support from their superiors.

Every prominent official of one of the electrical inspectors’ associations has frankly asked this question, What does the electrical industry think of the electrical inspector?

The Code requires selective coordination for all supply-side overcurrent protective devices in the circuits to a limited number of life-safety related loads.