By supplying intrinsically safe lighting products, industrial facilities can significantly enhance worker safety throughout the plant without worrying about dangerous settings

Electrical work requires eye safety equipment. Running wiring, replacing fixtures, and hanging brackets require tools to cut or drill holes in structures, which can kick up a lot of dust and other debris that can cause eye problems.

Renewed focus on safety can help make a difference in reducing electrically related deaths, injuries, and property losses. All workers must understand that every work environment presents different electrical hazards and learn how to prevent them.

The month of May is National Electrical Safety Month, an initiative sponsored by Electrical Safety Foundation International.

Electrical equipment can play an important role in minimizing arc flash hazards. The type of equipment specified, and where in an electrical system it’s installed, can significantly reduce the duration and threat of an arc flash incident.

Absence of voltage testing is a vital step in the process of verifying and establishing a de-energized state of any electrical system.

Ask any code official who does this job long enough, or even a short time, and they will tell you that many times in their career, the building codes have been used as a “political poker chip,”

As an inspector, I take the National Electrical Code (NEC) very seriously. I have come to realize how important each and every item in this book are to electrical safety and protecting those who use electricity on a daily basis.

A seemingly safe place to hang a metal necklace could have spelled disaster through no fault or understanding of her own. Under the right circumstances, accidental electrocution or a fire could have resulted.