The holiday season is an extremely busy part of the year for everyone, and there is no exception for electricians. While many anticipate the upcoming celebrations and décor, we start many months prior preparing for the season to come.

Understanding key safety concerns for pre-lit artificial trees is equally important because these trees can also be a significant source of fuel if ignited.

It is getting closer to the holidays, and many individuals will be tasked with installing holiday lighting and other electrically operated devices outside their dwelling units. Many folks find it a challenge to find accessible outdoor receptacle outlets for this purpose.

This article will present an overview of some of the new PV systems that have evolving requirements in the NEC. They will include energy management systems (EMS), microgrid interface devices (MID), power control systems (PCS), DC microgrids (DCM), and energy storage systems (ESS).

More than 90% of electrical fatalities among US workers are due to electrical shock. This number does not even account for the large proportion of injuries and fatalities that are often misclassified under a different cause of death.

The NEC-2023 CMPs discussions will be starting soon. Some changes will be to clarify existing requirements, others to remove obsolete requirements, and, most importantly, changes to incorporate new or revised requirements to account for new technologies.

Advances in Disturbance Monitoring Equipment (DME) provide utilities with an economical retrofit solution to comply with NERC PRC-002-2 requirements

Whether it’s a single strand of twinkling lights coiled around an apartment railing or a more complex programmed controller that syncs light displays to the season’s hottest songs, we still need to raise awareness about safety related to these temporary lighting displays.

UL does Certify (List ) pods in many different configurations from sleeping pods to office pods/meeting rooms. UL investigates pods for compliance with the UL 962, the Standard for Safety of Household and Commercial Furnishings.

Let’s consider a 750 KVA; 600 VAC – 120/208 VAC rated 3 phase dry-type transformer with a primary current of 722.54 A.