As IAEI continues to expand its membership globally, more and more of the inspection community will encounter IEC standards in the field.

Since the term "design specification” is not defined in the Code, it appears to take on different meanings, depending upon the situation in which it is used.

This is the second part of a summary of proposed changes for the 2002 National Electrical Code® acted on by NEC Code Making Panels in January 2000.

Guidance was provided to the 20 Code-Making Panels on several issues that are to be addressed during the 2002 NEC cycle.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in questions from inspectors about CE Marking and its acceptability as a method of conformity assessment in North America.

The 1999 NEC contains rules for low-voltage and limited-energy systems of all types ranging from telecommunications/LAN to fire alarm to closed-circuit TV systems used for security purposes.

The new Section 210-12 of the 1999 National Electrical Code (NEC) requires arc-fault circuit-interrupter protection for some branch circuits. Does UL List such devices?

Can a UL Listed product be modified in the field if the manufacturer indicates that the revision is ok and sends out new parts?

The National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®) occasionally references other standards, such as ANSI Z535.1-1991, when it comes to safety signs, labels, and tags.