The NEC continues to develop around Surge as we see more requirements for protection and we see some reorganization.

This session of #IAEINewsLive will get back to some basics and look at power factor correction.

Join NEC CMP-15 Principal member Mark Hilbert as he explains the details behind a video of an arc flash/blast event (Test No 4).

This session of #IAEINewsLive will focus on terminations! Just when you thought it was easy to just land a conductor on a terminal.

This session of #IAEINewsLive will focus on the single-line diagram and how it plays a role in electrical safety.

This session of #IAEINewsLive is an industry update with a reference document you can add to your computer for future reference. Today's session hits on industry news, the IAEI Section Meetings, some Key NFPA resources and more.

This session of #IAEINewsLive is one of a series that will focus on the continued development of NFPA 70B.

This fundamentals session of #IAEINewsLive focuses on holiday electrical safety. Let's have a live discussion about keeping things safe these holidays. What we discuss during this session transcends holidays and should be kept in mind all year round.

IAEI Director of Digital Education Joseph Wages, Jr., sits down with Santa Clause to discuss holiday electrical safety. Discover what electrical code violations Santa commonly sees out on the road and how you can keep your home safe this holiday season.