This #IAEINewsLive is a recorded session and a discussion of influencing change in our electrical industry. The electrical industry culture is something that does not change on a dime.

This #IAEINewsLIVE session is going to take a look at how important definitions are to the proper application of the National Electrical Code.

This #IAEINewsLIVE will take a look at the 112.5kVA transformer and a quick review of pertinent information on this topic.

This #IAEINewsLIVE session is Part 1 of 3, a series that reviews a 75kVA and 112.5kVA transformer installation and protection.

A lot has changed in the codes and standards world. This session will dig into some of the details associated with how the NEC is approaching safety in these locations.

Lockout and ragout activities are important for those employees who are servicing or maintaining machines or equipment.

This #IAEINewsLive will have a guest Mr. Nehad El-Sherif and we will have a discussion around GFCI protection. The 2023 edition of NFPA 70 will include provisions for this technology. This session will explain what a special purpose GFCI is and more details around ground fault protection including the trip thresholds, why they are the values they are and how they got there.

We will talk about some industry activities you should know about including but not limited to the NFPA Annual Conference and the voting of the Certified Amending Motions (CAMs) from last week.