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Monthly Archives: September 1999

Preparing for the 2002 National Electrical Code Cycle

It’s Code proposal time again! The closing date to submit proposed Code changes for the 2002 National Electrical Code® cycle is drawing near and...

Underground Conductor Ampacities Rule 4-004(1)(d) and (2)(d)

The 1998 Canadian Electrical Code has made some more changes in the rules for underground conductor ampacities. Rule 4-004 contains the requirements for maximum...

Traits of a Good Electrical Inspector

What are the guidelines for determining whether or not a person is a good electrical inspector? Qualifications for becoming an electrical inspector vary greatly....

Ground-fault Protection of Equipment and Ground-fault Circuit Interrupters

There are two important areas regarding protection of property and persons. Appropriately, these requirements are located in Chapter two of the NEC, labeled, Wiring...

How Low is That Wire?

Electrical inspectors involved with aerial high voltage facilities frequently have to determine whether electrical conductors are in compliance with the National Electrical Safety Code...
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