My jurisdiction recently adopted the 2008 NEC and I was wondering when UL is going to add the 2008 NEC to the Code Correlation database?

Question: Code correlation database

I do plan review and often use UL’s online Code Correlation Database to assist in determining appropriate application of products. My jurisdiction recently adopted the 2008NECand I was wondering when UL is going to add the 2008NECto theCodeCorrelation database?


UL has completed the correlation of 2008 NEC to UL product categories and the information is now included in UL Code Correlation Database on the Regulators page of The database can be accessed at

The UL Code Correlation Database is easy to use, just select the appropriate code from the pull down menu and then enter the Code section and click submit. If there are Listed product categories that are applicable to that Code section, the results will identify the UL Product Category and provide a link to the UL Guide Information for the product category as well as a link to the scope of the UL standard used to evaluate the equipment and other information that might be related to the equipment that may be useful to the user. In addition to the 2008 and 2005 NEC code correlations, there are several other building, mechanical, fire and plumbing codes that are correlated to UL product categories on the UL Code Correlation Database.

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