Can Power Outlet Listed for Temporary Location be used in Permanent One?


Can Power Outlet Listed for Temporary Location be used in Permanent One?

Can a power outlet Listed as suitable for use as temporary service equipment be used as service equipment in a permanent installation for other than a temporary wiring installation?


A power outlet that is Listed for use as temporary site service equipment means that the power outlet has been investigated for compliance with requirements in Article 230 for Services, as well as requirements in Article 590 for Temporary Installations, requiring receptacles and ground-fault circuit interrupters as specified in NEC 590.6, etc.

As noted in the (QPYV) Guide Information, power outlets may be marked for a specific use such as “Temporary Site,” but the device is not restricted to that use. It would be up to the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to permit a “Temporary Site” power outlet to be installed in a permanent installation.

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